Meet Our School Board . . .
School Board Members are:
Brian Dreher, Chairperson  (E-mail)
Teresa Rud, Secretary  (E-mail)
Bob Stueven,  Treasurer (E-mail)
Scott Mai, Director (E-mail)
Shelly Patten, Director  (E-mail)
Ralph Lewis, Vice Chairperson

Superintendent:  Jeremy Tammi  (E-mail)
Northome Principal:  MacKenzie Bodem   (E-mail)
Indus Principal:  Laurie Bitter   (E-mail)

Committees (January 2017):
Community Education             ~  Teresa Rud and Shelly Patten
MSHSL                                       ~  Carrie Claybundy and Bob Stueven
Vo Ag Advisory                         ~  Phil Dreher
Continuing Ed                           ~  Teresa Rud and Phil Dreher
BRIC  Sped Ed                           ~  Phil Dreher and Teresa Rud
Employee Interview                   ~  Ralph Lewis and Bob Stueven
North Co. Vo. Coop                   ~  Shelly Patten
Negotiators                              ~  Teresa Rud and Phil Dreher
MSBA Liaison                           ~  Carrie Claybundy
Indus  Scholarship                   ~  Ralph Lewis
Northome Scholarship             ~  Phil Dreher
Kelliher Athletic Coop              ~  Bob Stueven
Meet & Confer Indus                ~  All Indus Board Members
Meet & Confer Northome         ~  All Northome Board Members