On April 13th, the South Koochiching-Rainy River School District will go to our voters during a special election and seek approval for a building bond referendum. If passed, this referendum would generate $5,498,075 that would be used to replace the roofs and HVAC systems at both the Northome and Indus schools. This bond would be issued for 22 years and spread across multiple tax bases, including 42% of this money coming from State Aid and 15% from Seasonal Recreation (Hunting Land/Cabins).

Explore this website to find details and resources to help you make an informed vote on or before Tuesday, April 13.

Watch the March 16 live stream from Indus

Watch the March 17 live stream from Northome

Absentee Voting will be available starting on April 5th at the District Office, which is located in the Northome School. All absentee voting will need to be done on site at the District Office. Absentee Ballots will not be mailed out.



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