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Adelman, Steve Northome School Custodian (218) 897-5275 x106
admin, admin South Koochiching- Rainy River District
Affield, Bonnie Northome School/ Nurse (218) 897-5275 x156
Amdahl, Evan Indus School Health/PE 218-634-2425 ext. 12
Bender, Amber Northome School Kindergarten Teacher (218) 897-5275 x125
Bender, Katrine Northome School/ 3rd Grade Teacher (218) 897-5275 x122
Benedict, Kristi Northome School Speech/Language (218)897-5275 x 137
Bennett, Diane Northome School Business Teacher (218) 897-5275 x134
Bitter, Laurie Indus School Principal 218-634-2425 ext:202
Boomgaarden, Dan Indus School Building Maintenance 218-634-2425
Brade, Scott Indus School Interventionist 218-634-2425
Cain, Tammi Indus School Secretary 218-634-2425
DeLack, Paige Indus School Pre-School Teacher 218-634-2425 Ext.125
Dreher, Shawn Northome School Business Office 218-897-5275 (154)
Fahey, Sara Northome School German Teacher (218) 897-5275 x 131
Ferdig, Linda Northome School Reading Corps 218-897-5275 ext 139
Fontana, Monica Northome School Special Education Teacher (218) 897-5275 x144
Furuseth, Joe Northome School/ Art Teacher (218) 897-5275 x108
Gross, Derrick Northome School/ 6th Grade Teacher (218) 897-5275 x119
Gross, Susan Northome School/ Secretary (218) 897-5275 x100
Gustafson, Miranda Indus School/ Kindergarten Teacher 218-634-2425 x123
Hanson, Brooke Indus School Para-professional 218-634-2425
Hanson, Kelcey Northome School Librarian (218) 897-5275 x 117
Hanson, Matt Northome School/ Social Studies Teacher (218) 897-5275 x132
Hasbargen, Janet Indus School/ Librarian 218-634-2425 x111
Hasbargen, Jill Indus School/ 1st Grade Teacher 218-634-2425 x101
hasbargen, jill Indus School
Holte, Janet Indus School Art Teacher 218-634-2425
Johnson, Colleen Northome School Para-professional 218-897-5275 ext 207
Johnson, Dave Northome School/ Math Teacher (218) 897-5275 x133
Johnson, Janet Northome School Para-professional 218-897-5275 ext 138
Johnson, Kris Indus School 5th Grade Teacher 218-634-2425
Julian, Jessamine Indus School English Teacher 218-634-2425
Juntunen, Kaila Northome School Math Teacher 218=897-5275 ext 136
Kallio, Becky Northome School Para-professional 218-897-5275 ext 105
Keeney, Tracey Indus School Administrative Assistant 218-634-2425 X:100
Kerr, Anthony Northome School Principal (218) 897-5275 x155
Kindem, Miriam Northome School/ Choir (218) 897-5275 x103
Koenig, Shelly Indus School 5th Grade Teacher 218-634-2425 Ext 103
Kramer, Steve Indus School/ Para-professional 218-634-2425 x114
Krueger, Molly Indus School
Kucera, Charlene Indus School Special Education Teacher
Larson, Kristine Indus School/ Speech Therapist 218-634-2425 x109
Lennox, Becky Indus School Para-professional 218-634-2425
Lewis, Lois Indus School/ Family and Consumer Studies Teacher 218-634-2425 x120
Lindner, Kim Northome School 2nd Grade Teacher 218-897-5275 (123)
Lindner, Mary Northome School Kitchen Assistant
Lundin, Christine Northome School/ Counselor (218) 897-5275 x157
Lundin, Christine Indus School/ Guidance Counselor 218-634-2425 x201
Lundin, Curtis Northome School 4th Grade Teacher (218) 897-5275 x 121
Matthees, Josh Northome School Health/PE 218=897-5275 ext 135
Mayer, Wendy Indus School Special Education Teacher 218-634-2425
Misner, Michelle Indus School 3rd Grade Teacher 218-285-3749 X103
Morgan, Kris Indus School Para-professional
Morgan, Von Indus School Para-professional
Moris, Maureen Northome School
Moris, Maureen South Koochiching- Rainy River District
Nelson, Joy Indus School Para-professional 218-634-2425
Nissen, Teri Northome School/ Band (218) 897-5275 x103
Olesen, Soren Indus School/ Transportation 218-634-1472
Ottemann, Stacy Indus School Music Teacher 218-634-2425
Parish, JoAnn Indus School Social Studies Teacher
Peterson, Amber Indus School Para-professional 218-634-2425
Peterson, Vicki Indus School/ Para-professional 218-634-2425 x207
Plotts, Michelle Northome School English Teacher (218) 897-5275 x 130
Robar, Stacy Indus School Math Teacher 218-634-2425 Ext.116
Rud, Wayne Indus School Kitchen Assistant 218-634-2425 Ext.208
Schneider, Jim Northome School Science Teacher (218) 897-5275 x 115
Shaughnessy, Gayle Northome School/ 1st Grade Teacher (218) 897-5275 x124
Shop, Teacher Northome School Shop Teacher 218-897-5275 ext 110
Swalboski, Diana South Koochiching- Rainy River District/ Office/Payroll (218) 897-5275 x152
Swang, Shane Northome School/ 5th Grade Teacher (218) 897-5275 x120
Talmage, Julie Indus School 4th Grade Teacher 218-634-2425
Tammi, Jeremy Northome School Principal (218) 897-5275 x155
Test, Test Indus School
Thomas, Steven South Koochiching- Rainy River District ISD 363 Superintendent (218) 897-5275 x 153
Tillman, Dianne Indus School/ Technology Coordinator 218-634-2425 x142
Trimble, Lisa Northome School/ Cook (218) 897-5275 x102
Trisko, Juleen Northome School/ English Teacher (218) 897-5275 x128
Turban, Karen Indus School Cook 218-634-2425 X:208
Ulrich, Don Indus School/ Building Maintenance 218-634-2425 x210
VanDamme, Tom Indus School/ Science Teacher 218-634-2425 x118
Vonderharr, Alicia Indus School Art Teacher 218-634-2425 Ext. 12
Wagner, Jody Northome School Native American Liaison/Educator 218-897-5275 x137
Waller, Marti Northome School/ Elem Sp. Ed (218) 897-5275 x129
Waller, Marti Indus School Title 1 218-634-2425
Waller, Marti Indus School Title 1
Westover, Debbie Indus School/ Kitchen Assistant 218-634-2425 x100/20
White, Corey Northome School Technology Coordinator 218-897-5275 (118)
White, Corey South Koochiching- Rainy River District Technology Coordinator
White, Joe Northome School/ Garage (218) 897-5985
Wickum, Libby Northome School/ FACS/Sp.Ed (218) 897-5275 x116